Since I’m getting down to just a few weeks left to cram, er, prepare myself for the state board exam in early June, I’m looking for additional ways to save time and be more efficient at home.

We are completely out of food right now.  Seriously.  There are two slices of angelfood cake on the counter – that’s the closest thing to bread in the house.  I really have to go the grocery store tomorrow…I know, I know, the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend…it’ll be crazy.  Anyway, I didn’t want to spend a ton of time tonight planning the menu for the week and making the list…so I thought this would be the perfect time to finally try out one of those meal planning services I’ve looked at in the past.

I signed up tonight at Relish and within moments had access to a weekly menu and grocery list and a ton of other “extras” like dessert menus, party appetizer menus, school lunchbox ideas, freezer menus and even fun movie-themed dinner menus that would jazz up any family movie night…and all complete with a well-organized grocery list.   It was exactly what I was looking for.  Added bonus: they offer a nice variety of kid friendly, vegetarian and simple gourmet recipes so you aren’t stuck with the sloppy casseroles I’ve seen on some of the other menu planning site.

Time saved on menu planning – CHECK

Grocery budget safe due to comprehensive list – CHECK

Yummy, easy meals for the week ahead – to be continued…


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