Remember these?

In our house they are called “Crack.”  If you have managed to avoid these devils of addiction, lucky for you…well, until now.  You are safe no more.

Years ago my mother-in-law sent us a container of these…which we nearly ate in one sitting.  I’ve been trying not to make them ever since (without much luck, I might add.)

A box of saltines…some oil and spices…a few turns in the tupperware…and suddenly you will think these crackers go with everything.  Did you hear me?  EVERYTHING.

“Crack” Crackers

1 pound Saltine crackers

1 cup canola oil

1 tsp each: red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, black pepper

1 package Original Ranch Dressing mix (not the dip mix)

Place all crackers in a large container (with a tight lid.) Mix spices and oil well. Pour oil mixture over the crackers and close lid. Roll the container every few hours for one day until the mixture is absorbed. Move to a fresh container to store.

(I was about to tell you how long these crackers would stay nice and fresh in your airtight container…but it doesn’t matter. You aren’t going to have them that long!)


4 thoughts on “Remember these?

  1. Ugh. Why did you do this? Why did you put crack crackers right in front of me after I’d managed to forget about them? Now I’m obsessed. I remember what they taste like and feel like in my mouth. I can’t NOT make them!

  2. Marquel

    Well, I made the “Crack” crackers and they were such a huge hit that were gone by the end of the week. Even Addison was asking for “Crackers.”

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