Weekly Delivery

When we lived in Seattle we used a produce delivery service called Pioneer Organics (which has since been purchased by this company) and we loved it.  Since I’ve had some difficulty finding a CSA that is a good fit for us, I’ve decided to go with Greenling. A few days ago, we got our first box:

In addition to all the organic goodies inside, there were produce storage instructions, a silly bumper sticker, a magnet, a welcome packet and recipes using at least 10 of the items in the box.  Oh, and also a hand-written note saying, “Welcome to the Greenling Family!  We hope you enjoy.  Packed with love by James.”  Nice touch.

And now for the best part…the inside:

Everything was nice and cold/crisp.  And, in spite of the recent freeze which reportedly caused a great deal of trouble for our local farmers, everything was lovely.  There was broccoli, green shallots, spinach, potatoes, mustard greens, salad mix, red spring onions, lemons, tangerines, green garlic and a tomato.  And there was a total of five recipes and other tips on how best to use each type of produce – which I love!  I would never buy red spring onions at the farmer’s market, but I’m looking forward to tasting them and learning to use a “new” ingredient.

My favorite part about this service is how flexible it is…I can skip a week or two anytime I need to with a simple click on their website.  Or I can just let a box show up every Thursday without having to think about it.  It’s just one more step in our quest for suit-free food.  And, if you are so inclined, they have an interesting article on GMOs that is just as disturbing as all the other stuff out there I keep stumbling upon.  OK, I have to go now and made a salad.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Delivery

  1. Selena Shelley

    Yay! What an exciting development in your suit-free food movement! Our CSA delivery doesn’t start until May, so you’re lucky to be getting things this early (guess that’s the benefit of living in TX!). Enjoy.

  2. Thanks for this reminder and your personal “testimony.” I want to start this and was waiting until after the first of the year. I looked at their web site months ago and was impressed. It’s on my to-do list. Hugs, sm

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