It’s Baby Food Time Again!

Seems like just a few moments ago we were bringing this guy home for the first time…and now I’m digging out our baby spoons and ice cube trays.

So far, I have tried rice cereal and plain avocado and both were met with the auto-eject tongue maneuver.  Not to mention the horrified look of surprise and confusion about why I would put such things into his mouth.  Applesauce seemed a logical next step.

These peeled apple slices are just steamed in a little bit of water until they are soft enough to mash.

Then they get mashed and thinned with more water.  That’s it.

I tried the applesauce right away and it got the standard auto-eject as well.  This is so different from our older son who ate just about everything we gave him right from the beginning.  Except peas.  He didn’t like those until he was three.  Oh and potatoes.  He doesn’t like those either.

Needless to say, I had to freeze most of it since he wasn’t going to be gobbling it all up.

I often hear the annoyed groans and moans of people when they find out I made all the baby food for our first son – and I imagine I’ll hear them again this time around.  It is a little perplexing to me since the whole homemade baby food thing is so, so easy.  So, for everyone who thinks, “Oh just buy the Gerber already!” here’s some random information:  The Baby Food Debate; this book Super Baby Food; another blogger mom’s opinion;  and then the whole GMO controversy just for starters.  When it comes right down to it, the idea of reading all those labels and figuring out which brands are safe to buy, who is really organic, GMO-free and without certain fillers…well, that sounds like a whole lot more work than just mashing up the fruits and vegetables I already have in my house.  There.  I said it.  I make my own baby food because I’m lazy.

Now, if I could just get him to eat it!


3 thoughts on “It’s Baby Food Time Again!

  1. I’m not ashamed to admit that I made almost ALL of J. Paul’s food when he was a baby. I loved doing it and thought it was so easy. I have the Super Baby Food book and used it some. It’s a great resource book. Probably the #1 reason I made my own food is because jarred baby food was so unappetizing to me (that’s putting it mildly). I just thought if I didn’t want to eat it why would I try to make my baby eat it?

    I made LOTS of apple sauce. I baked the apples with the skin on and scooped out the cooked apple. It made the sauce light pink — so beautiful and delicious. I think we ate as much of it as J. Paul did, and I don’t like apple sauce from a jar at all. This was completely different stuff.

    So go! Unashamedly and cook for that sweet baby! And have fun, too. 🙂 sm

    1. gatheraroundthetable

      Thanks for the baby food love!!
      Now if I could just get Whitman to get in on the love – he still won’t eat ANYTHING!

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