Not Your Average Cheese Burger

We like burgers in our house, although we hardly ever make them.  It’s just too easy to get a pretty good burger at any number of local joints…we like these burgers and these, too.  But, recently, my husband came home from a business trip singing the praises of a burger he’d had…and then a similar recipe showed up on my weekly menu planning web service.  I took it as a sign that I needed to make this burger.

“I thought she said cheeseburger?” I can hear you pondering. “And why the funny shape?”  “And what’s up with the fries?”

Well, those are sweet potato fries – and we’ll talk about them later.

The funny shape is due to the buns I chose – ciabatta rolls, lightly grilled.

We were split on these – he thought they were the perfect roll and I thought they were too, well, too something.  Thick maybe?  Chewy?  I don’t know.  They were delicious, but the texture seemed like it could have been improved for me.

And the cheese…well, it’s brie…and

…it’s on the inside.

First, let’s get those fries out of the way.  Frankly, if there was an easy way to take them out of the photo so I wouldn’t have to talk about them, I would. They were only so-so.

They should have been cut thinner.  They probably should have been fried rather than baked, but I was trying to be good. Maybe they should have been baked longer.  I’m not exactly sure. I’ve had some really yummy sweet potato fries, so I know it’s possible.

These were spritzed with olive oil and generously dusted with kosher salt. They were certainly edible, but I’ve had better. If you have a genius recipe for sweet potato fries, please share.

On to the burgers.

You mix some garlic and onions with lemon zest and juice, then top with slices of brie before finishing the patties.

The recipe called for green onions and garlic and lemon juice/zest, but I had some of those beautiful red spring onions from the Greenling box, so I substituted. You know how hard it is for me to follow a recipe exactly.

Red spring onions, pressed garlic, lemon zest and lemon juice

Grill them up until nice and browned and melty on the inside.

About half of the onion/garlic mixture gets stirred up with some mayonnaise and slathered on the buns…add some tomatoes and lettuce and whatever else you have to have on a burger…and it’s a good, good thing.

I do feel compelled to confess that, while these burgers were scrumptious, I did say at some point while eating them, “If the cheese wasn’t on the inside, there could be more of it.”  And this is true. So, for the cheese-aholics who read this (Erica, you know who you are) you might want to opt for the traditional cheese-on-top variation. But I’m not going to tell you how to live your life.

Brie Stuffed Burgers

adapted from relishrelish!

1-1.5 pounds ground beef (or turkey)

4 red spring onions, divided and sliced (can substitute green onions or regular onions)

2-3 cloves garlic, pressed or minced

1 TB lemon juice

1-2 teaspoons lemon zest

1 TB olive oil

4 ounces Brie, sliced

4-6 TB mayonnaise

4 ciabatta buns, or bread of your choice

tomato slices

butter lettuce leaves

salt and pepper

Combine the onions, garlic, lemon juice and lemon zest in a small bowl. Mash together slightly until mixed.  Stir in olive oil and a dash of salt.  Set aside.

Season the ground meat with salt and pepper and form a ball for each of the four patties. Divide the onion/garlic mixture in half and reserve one half. Press an indentation into each ball large enough for a spoonful of the onion/garlic mixture and 1 oz of the brie. Cover over the cheese and flatten to make a patty.  Grill over high heat until cooked through – about 10 – 12 minutes.

Mix remaining half of onion/garlic mixture with mayonnaise.  Grill the buns and assemble the burgers. Those of you not in cheese recovery, add more cheese to the top!

A great way to jazz up burger night…and don’t forget to send me those sweet potato fries recipes. Really.  I need them.


2 thoughts on “Not Your Average Cheese Burger

  1. Sandi

    Jennifer I really love food so I really like reading your blog 🙂 I also love to procrastinate so I haven’t commented on it until now but ….
    I make sweet potato fries quite often and I think the trick is to have them spaced widely apart on the cookie sheet. It’s kind of a pain but if you have a convection oven you can do 2-3 sheets at a time. When they are too close together they end up steaming rather than browning up and getting crispy.
    We love them at our house and plan on putting them on the menu at our dream brewpub 🙂 We might steal that Brie burger too. Yum.
    Take care and thanks for finding time to write so that I have something to read while procrastinating on doing all the other things I should be 😉

    1. gatheraroundthetable

      Hi Sandi!! So fun to hear from you. And thanks for the sweet potato fry tip – I will try that next time.

      Keep me posted on the dream brew pub – love that! And definitely think the menu could use a Brie burger.
      Procrastinators Unite…later. 😉

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