Valentine’s Day Cakes

Just a few cute little cakes made by some adorable kiddos to celebrate National Candy Overdose Day…

All decorating done by my almost-four-year-old...except the writing, of course.

These cute little cakes were baked by my friend Heather (whom I’ve known since Kindergarten!)  It was a fun afternoon activity for the kids and “Dad” was delighted to have a specialized dessert.

An action shot!

I kind of dread these sugar-coma holidays because I struggle between trying to protect him from the awful sugar-roller-coaster-meltdown effect and also wanting to let him enjoy a little celebration. I hope I manage to achieve some sort of compromise of moderation…but I’m not always so sure. Anybody out there relate to this?

So, good luck and GO SUGAR!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.


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