King Cake for Fat Tuesday…or How I Could Be A Better Blogger

Mardi Gras…been there?  I haven’t.  And I think I’ve missed my window. At this point, the thought of braving crowds of drunken, half-dressed people battling over beads doesn’t really sound that fun.  But I’ve gotten old lately. There is the thing about the fabulous food, though…for that, I might still go.

Does a plastic baby in a cake mean anything to you? If not, you can read all about it here. I have been wanting to make one of these cakes for a long time. My husband’s family is from Louisiana and I’m always interested in the food of that region – in fact, I have a gumbo post almost ready to go. So, I found it funny when he looked at me like he didn’t know what I was talking about when I said I was going to stick a little plastic baby into a cake.

It is a cake, but it starts out like bread…like doughnut dough actually. And it has yeast in it, so it rises, too.

A good blogger would have a nice shot of how much the dough rises before it gets rolled out and shaped.  I do not.  But here it is rolled out into long rectangles with a cream cheese filling smeared across it.

It would be better to roll out the whole thing into a long rectangle, fill it, fold it over and then form it into a circle.  However, I don’t have 3 feet of counter space to allow for that, so I had to do it two sections and piece the circle together. It’s a little uneven. We’ll live.

Milk brushed over the dough before it is baked helps give it that pretty golden color. Eaten at this point, it tastes kind of like a cream cheese danish..not exactly a pastry, not quite like cake either. But we aren’t finished. This still gets a glaze and sprinkles.  Yes, I said sprinkles. Oh, and a baby inside. I bet you’ve never had a doughnut with a baby inside.

A better blogger would have a lovely shot of the glaze being poured and spread and of the sprinkling and of the baby insertion.  I do not.  But I did manage to take a photo of it after it was all finished and cut into pieces.  I tasted one piece and then I promptly wrapped it up and asked my husband to take it to work with him…or anywhere else that was out of my house. Otherwise, I would be eating king cake for breakfast and lunch and dinner. It had to go.

Here’s what Wikipedia had to say about this traditional (dare I say tacky?) color combination:

Cajun king cakes are traditionally,deep fat fried as a doughnut would be. They are topped with sugar granules in the official Carnival colors of purple, green and gold. The purple represents the passion of Christ, the green represents hope and the gold the rewards of leading a Christian life.

It has become customary in the New Orleans culture that whoever finds the trinket must provide the next king cake.

If you are feeling inspired to create a little Mardi Gras spirit, you can find the full recipe here, which is Emeril’s by the way. Be warned, though, you aren’t supposed to bake this cake after Mardi Gras Day…whenever that is!

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!


4 thoughts on “King Cake for Fat Tuesday…or How I Could Be A Better Blogger

    1. gatheraroundthetable

      😦 Next time I’ll make sure he saves you some!! Lisa Carroll got the baby.

      We’re not making much progress on planning a game night, are we? We should start looking at March (we’re kind of booked up until then.) I can’t believe Max and Whitman haven’t met yet! Hope to see you soon.

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