Pancakes…from the freezer

My four-year-old loves pancakes. Loves.

I, however, am not a huge fan. And I don’t usually feel like making them – you know, almost every single morning when he asks for them. He would like to eat them as if they were a piece of pie…with chocolate chips and whipped cream and syrup and any other form of sugar he could possibly request. I would like it if he ate more protein for breakfast. But what do I know?

Since I don’t like to say “no” every single morning and so I don’t have to stand at the griddle at 7AM more than once a month, I do this:

Keep them in the freezer. It makes me very happy to have a stash of pancakes stored away. Not as happy as if my freezer actually looked like this, but almost.

When I do have to stand at the griddle, I make a double or triple batch…then let them cool.

Once they are all cooled off, I stack them with parchment paper and toss them in my freezer.

So this morning when he asked for pancakes, I didn’t have to groan and whine about mixing batter before I was even awake. I just grabbed a couple out of the freezer and zapped them (you can use a toaster, too) and then focused my energy on trying to get him to include a protein bar or shake along with his pie, er, pancakes.

For the record, my husband is the better pancake maker in our family. He likes them really thin – almost like crepes – and can be found making them on the weekends. Lately he seems to be smitten with some sour cream pancakes from the Pioneer Woman‘s cookbook which I think are pretty good, for pancakes anyway. This is one of the few recipes that is only in the cookbook and not on her website…but thanks to her ridiculous popularity, one doesn’t have to look far for another blog with PW recipes on it! So, if for some strange reason you don’t have her cookbook, you can check out The Noshery to see Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes from The Pioneer Woman. You won’t be sorry. (And yes, we freeze these too…although, there usually aren’t any left over!)


7 thoughts on “Pancakes…from the freezer

  1. Jennifer Rieck

    I cook up big batches of almost everything and freeze in zip lock bags or plastic bowls to get out and heat up when I don’t feel like cooking.

    I’ve always done that — doesn’t make sense to cook just a small amount each time.

    Trying to teach my daughter-in-law that but she’s not learning very well. LOL!

    1. gatheraroundthetable

      It really does make things so much easier. I do it with ground meat and chicken and just about any casserole or soup I make…might as well make one to freeze, too. When I was doing Pampered Chef we had a whole demo called “power cooking” that taught people how to spend one afternoon stocking up their freezer with 20-30 meals. More if you had the freezer space. Such a huge time saver…not to mention money saver. Someday I intend to post all those recipes and instructions on here… it was a very popular demo!

  2. Selena Shelley

    I have been known to call pancakes my favorite food of all time… I would challenge him to a pancake eating contest any day of the week!! 🙂

    Of course, I just like mine with butter… not all that crazy stuff on top. But to each his own… 😉

    I may have to try this freezer trick. Do you think there’s any reason it wouldn’t work with gluten free pancakes? They’re basically the same, just with alternative flour.

    1. gatheraroundthetable

      I would totally guess that they would work…can’t see why not. Try it and let us know how it goes!

      And you would totally win a pancake eating contest with Lincoln – his eyes are bigger than his stomach. 🙂

      1. Selena Shelley

        Well, I will have to wait until Michael has a little more time (he’s usually the pancake maker in our house) and ask him to make a few batches.

        I think we have yet another excuse to get together… we’ll see if with a little competition Lincoln’s stomach can rise to the challenge. 😉

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