Back to School

It’s only preschool, but I do still have to pack them lunches.

Are lunch boxes a stress-inducer for you? I hear lots of moms complain about how weary they get packing lunches and the struggle to keep it healthy.  One of the blogs I follow focuses on nothing else – and you’ll be amazed at what her kid will eat!! I can only dream of such healthy variety for my own boys. But I do check in from time to time for some inspiration. Check it out: The Lunch Box Blog.

Most of lunch for the Four-Yr-Old

My four-year-old loves pesto. I can almost get him to eat anything if I tell him I’ll put “green dip” on it. That’s cheese tortellini with pesto, feta stuffed olives, his favorite yogurt, an apple that will get sliced and rice cakes.  His school has a new policy this year that if any candy or cookies or cakes get put into lunches, they won’t let the child eat it and will send it back home in the lunch box. Not an issue for us since I never sent any of those things with him, but I certainly heard some grumbling at the parent orientation the other night.

Lunch for the One-Yr-Old

And my little pumpkin is at preschool now, too! Well, he’s there at the moment, anyway. They said they would call if it didn’t go well. We’ll see. If he makes it to lunch time he’ll have the same tortellini as big brother has, tiny cubes of ham and cheese, quartered grapes and little cubes of apples. With Cheerios, of course. I think they are a food group all unto themselves.

The best shot I could get of two moving targets!

Lunch box inspirations, anyone?? I’d love to hear about them…Heaven knows I’ll need them!  Happy Back-to-School!


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