Boiled Eggs…Really.

Lately both of my children are semi-obsessed with hard-boiled eggs. I think if I let them eat as many as they wanted…well, I’d have to start keeping chickens.

So I boil a lot of eggs. Often.

My youngest just likes the whites. He will politely hand the mushy yolk back to me if I put them in front of him.

My oldest has taken to requesting his eggs “doubled.” Which is actually deviled…but I think it’s cute, so I don’t correct him. “I’d like some doubled eggs, please.” Cute.

For plenty of years I was boiling eggs incorrectly. Did you know that was possible? I mean, it’s boiled water…and an egg. How can that get messed up? But it can.

I’m in the middle of some serious holiday baking right now. My eyes are starting to cross from counting out cups of flour and sugar. Consider this post my break. Water+egg. This I can handle right now.

Have you ever seen the yolk of a hard-boiled egg that is all gray-greenish?  Like this double-yolk egg photo I found at

Ewwww. That gray-green coloring is due to ferrous sulfide which forms when an egg is overcooked. It’s tasteless and harmless as long as you aren’t offended by the awful color created when you use those yolks to make “doubled” eggs.

To avoid this is simple.

Place your eggs in cold water in a pan. Bring the water to a boil. Just as a full boil is reached, cover and turn off the heat. Let the eggs stand for 10 minutes. Then drain the water and replace with cold water and/or ice to stop the cooking process. (I usually just put the whole pan in the sink and fill with water/ice and let it sit until four hours later when I realize I forgot all about them later… and then I put them in the fridge.)

Photo from

Then they turn out so pretty and yellow. Every single time.

There you are. Helpful tip for the day. Just one step above “how to boil water.”

I feel refreshed. Now, back to the oven mitts and cooling racks and tiny little loaf pans…it doesn’t look like I have any little elves who are going to show up and do it all for me!

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