According to’s number generator, comment #6 is the big winner of the free stuff from Easylunchboxes. And that’s…..drumroll….


Congratulations to Erica (and Sam and Colby, too, since they will be the real beneficiaries!) 🙂

Here’s to hot dog octopuses.

First day of second grade lunchbox - (turkey) octodogs, fruit skewers on swizzle sticks, pretzels and a big chunk o' leftover chocolate birthday cake with a food pick. On the side are the usual apple juice/water mix and a somewhat hidden Tyrannosaurus Rex sticker. Thanks to Libby for this!

I’ll contact you via email to help you claim your prize.


3 thoughts on “Winner!

  1. Marquel

    Okay. Seeing that lunch really makes me feel horrible for Addison. The closest thing to a hot dog octopus that she is ever going to get is Hot Dog Man at Mama’s. I also loved the k-bob of fruit except Addison wouldn’t eat any of it. Unfortunately my child loves high sodium, processed lunches like Lunchables or corn dogs. Oh well, one thing at a time.

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