Another Condiment Intervention?

So last month I was surprised to discover that practically every fruit was represented in jam or jelly form on my refrigerator door.  This past week, this happened:

I had some rice sticks, veggies and pork…and I was thinking, “Thai? Indian? Asian? Hmmm let me rummage around a bit and see what we have…”

This discovery didn’t really make it any easier to decide. I could actually have Thai. Or Indian. Or Chinese. Or Teriyaki. Thanks pantry, that’s helpful.

This is largely due to the fact that my pantry does NOT look like this.

I settled on the Pad Thai sauce…it’s the dish I probably crave most since leaving Seattle. Or maybe it’s pho. No, it’s probably Copper River salmon. Well, anyway, Pad Thai is definitely up there on the list of things I miss. So much so that one of my dearest friends actually sent me this care package several months ago:

Which explains where one of the sauces came from. Now if only I could come up with a justification for the other 53 bottles.

I suppose I should post the pad thai recipe…I made it back in September when I got this package. I’ve been holding out on you. But right now, I have to go clean out the pantry before I’m subjected to another intervention.


5 thoughts on “Another Condiment Intervention?

  1. Miranda Bashaw

    I completely get it. In our house, it’s hot sauce. Our collection goes way beyond regular Tabasco and includes Jalapeno Tabasco, Habanero Tabasco, Teriyaki Tabasco, a tropical jalapeno sauce, mango-peach habanero sauce, sriracha, something called Habanero Gold, as well as three or four others in a range of spiciness from mild to knock-your-socks-off. Considering you use only a few drops at a time, I think we have at least a life time’s supply of hot sauce and that’s not including the four different salsas we have in the fridge, too! Is this a form of hoarding?

    Love your posts!

  2. Erica

    For the record I was back at Viet Wah this week shopping like a crazy woman. Two little blond babies in the cart filled with 8 bottles of Phad Thai sauce and way too many packages of rice noodles. Makes me giggle just thinking about it- everyone there looks at me like I am nuts. I think I am quickily becoming the East Side distributor. Let me know when you need more noodles :)!

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