Invitations and Thank You Notes

Since several people have asked me about the recent birthday party invitations, I thought I’d just do a little post about them.

My recently-turned-five-year-old is obsessed with Batman. The Bat signal was pretty much our only option when it came to invitations. This is all just plain old card stock. I drew a Bat signal and cut it out and glued it to a yellow oval. Then I did that 36 more times. Who knew a pre-schooler would have so many people on his guest list?

The “envelopes” are also just card stock, cut into a square and folded in around the invitation…”sealed” by the Bat signal.

The invitation itself was just printed on plain paper and attached with stickers to card stock. My husband did all the clever wording…I’m more of a “When, Where, What” kind of gal. Thank goodness for him.

And the Thank You notes were exactly what they appear to be…photos of Batman expressing his gratitude on even more card stock with the hand-written note on the back. I’m a fan of all things hand-written. Also of thank you notes.

From this post you could have surmised several things:

1. I have an excess of card stock lying around and I’m looking for any excuse to use it up.

2. I designed the invitation before I realized how many I would have to make.

3. I miss arts and crafts from Kindergarten…and invent ways to make my son do them with me now.

4. There was not a single Batman party invitation to be found at any of the stores in which I shop.


One thought on “Invitations and Thank You Notes

  1. Selena Shelley

    Or #5: You never cease to amaze me!! 🙂

    Then again, I still have the thank you card that Lincoln “wrote” me three years ago. So your efforts are definitely appreciated!! 🙂

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