A Restricted Table

Remember this guy?

Whitman...born in July 2009

Well, he doesn’t look like that anymore, that’s for sure.  And, thankfully, he doesn’t scream incessantly like he used to either. Seriously, there was a time back then when I wasn’t sure if I was going to make. I clearly remember when he was about 4 months old saying, “OK. This is it. This is my limit. I can’t take the non-stop crying anymore.” And then he kept doing it for another 4 months. I’m still not sure how it happened, but we all made it through.

That was more than a year ago. When the crying finally started to stop. And now he looks like this:

No…no that’s not right.  This was also a year ago…right around the time the whole crying thing started to improve. Perhaps I’m obsessed with that period of time because it was such a big deal.

Ah yes. There he is…much more recently.  And so pleased about shooting himself in the face with a water gun. He’ll do just about anything for a laugh.

So today is Day #4 out of 30 in an elimination diet that is an attempt to figure out his seemingly chronic intestinal issues. Are you ready for this?

No wheat.

No soy.

No dairy.

No eggs.

No gluten.

It’s a good thing he likes bananas.

All I can say at this point is that I’m really, really grateful for the non-gluten movement because it means that my little grocery store has three shelves on one of their aisles with gluten-free snacks. (Although eliminating the ones which contain milk or soy cuts even that limited selection down to nearly nothing.)

But he isn’t starving yet.

I’ve found some “healthy” turkey hot dogs which he likes and there’s bananas, of course. Some fruit leathers. Chicken. Hominy. Corn Chex. Rice crackers. A modified version of The Pioneer Woman’s meatballs. And even pancakes. (I’ll post about the pancakes later.)

So….that’s what’s going on at our table these days. Stay tuned for more adventures in the elimination diet.

UPDATE: The pediatrician took him off the diet and referred us to a GI. For now, no restrictions…just the possibility that we might have to try it again later. (April 2011)


2 thoughts on “A Restricted Table

  1. Janne

    Love this last photo of Whitman!! Glad you are all finding your way with food — he’s a lucky little man to have you.

  2. Selena Shelley

    Seriously, if you want any other ideas about how we cook (since between the two of us we’re off dairy, soy, wheat, and eggs!) let me know.

    I applaud you doing this. I think so many parents just think it’s normal for their kid to be in intestinal pain.

    Good luck! And be sure to post some of the awesome recipes that I know you will come up with! 🙂


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