Raid the Recipe Box!

We spent this past weekend near Dallas visiting some friends. Our children stayed with their grandparents. It was divine.

We had some of these:

We played a lot with this cutie:

And we might have invented a new-to-us drink:

I know, it looks like a mojito…but it is not. More about this later.

What I’m most excited about is that I was given access to this:

Have you ever raided a friend’s recipe box? Especially a friend who is a really good cook? (Like this friend is!) I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Look at the mess I made while she and her husband debated about which recipes should be in the “Top Ten.” Several of these recipes were clearly loved: the pages were covered with smears and smudges. Always a good sign!

While they discussed which recipes should be in the top spots, my husband was clicking away photos with his iphone which were insta-converted to pdfs…which I will have on this machine in no time…smudges and smears included. How cool is that?

I realize that in our digital age hand-written recipe cards stored in little treasure boxes like these are going the way of the dinosaur…so it was quite a treat to get to rummage through one.  In both of our houses we use it as a standard for recipe testing and ask, “Is this dish box-worthy?” It has to be pretty good to earn a spot there. I just love the notion of a collection like that, so I doubt I’ll ever give mine up completely.

Keep your eyes peeled for some great meals from my friend Christy…as soon as I figure out which ones to try first!  (For a peek at favorite recipes that have already been shared on here, check out the comments section of this post from my last visit to her house. YUM.)

And, because he’s so cute, one more of Mr. Kodi:

It was a wonderful visit full of great food and even better company – a perfect getaway. Details about the new-to-us drink and other goodies from the weekend, coming shortly!

One thought on “Raid the Recipe Box!

  1. Christy Nielson

    Such a great time – and awesome pics of Kodi!! Thanks again for coming up. Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon. Happy cooking! XO

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