Both Please.

Has anyone ever asked you, “Diamonds or pearls?”

When I hear that I always think, “Yes, please.”

And I feel the same about having to choose between a margarita and a mojito. Life is so short, why should we have to choose?

That was a question we were determined to solve last weekend when we visited our friends near Dallas/Ft. Worth.

It looks like a mojito. Yes it does. But it is not. It’s lighter and fizzier and hardly sweet at all. Tequila and lime like a margarita. Mint and simple syrup like a mojito. But also club soda and cilantro. Even some basil in the later versions.

We never could really decide what to call them, though.

A Margajito?

A Morita?

Maybe a Ritajito?

Call them what you like, they were yummy! And totally perfect for the summer time with all the citrus and fresh herb flavors. Go forth and experiment (and let me know how it turns out!)


as concocted by Christy Nielson

simple syrup: equal parts sugar/water, boiled gently until all sugar is dissolved (we used a cup of each and also added lemon and lime zest to amp up the citrus factor)

light rum

silver tequila

club soda



cilantro (and other herbs of your choice)

Muddle 6-7 mint leaves and 1 cilantro leaf in the bottom of a glass with a few tablespoons of simple syrup and about 1/2 a lime, in slices. (You should adjust the syrup amount depending on how sweet you want it…we were going for not very sweet.) When all the lime juice has been released and the mint is fragrant from the mashing, add ice to the top of the glass.

One shot of rum, one shot of tequila, fill remainder of glass with club soda and mix. Garnish with lime slice and/or mint. Enjoy.

We talked about putting sugar or salt (or both) on the rim of the glass, but never did. We also talked about that chile lime powder, but never tried it either.

On attempt 5.0 or 6.0 of this recipe, Christy added lemon basil in place of the cilantro and it was yummy! Well, we thought it was…my husband made some comment about drinking grass. But he’s funny like that.

There was also talk of vanilla vodka and rosemary…hmmmm…maybe on our next visit!!

Here’s to not having to choose…

Happy Easter everyone!


2 thoughts on “Both Please.

  1. Christy Nielson

    MMM! Good idea to resurrect Ritajitos at Easter! 🙂 (Were you here just a week ago-it feels like a million years!)

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