And we’re back…


Were you beginning to wonder?


Did you think maybe I’d just fallen off the edge of the earth?


Well, I didn’t. I’m here. I’m just not really cooking much. I mean, not anything terribly interesting. The littlest one is back on a very restricted diet and all kinds of supplements – we’re still trying to figure out what his deal is – and with all the end-of-school-year craziness and a new office, I’ve been feeling pretty good to just get ANYthing on the table. Some weeks are like that, right?


So, it’s cakes to the rescue!


In the midst of all of that other craziness, my mother and I took four weeks of cake decorating classes. We had a really fun time and we learned a ton of cool tricks. So…here you are…CAKES!!


This was my first practice cake - the buttercream base. Mostly in this class we were just learning the basics of building and icing a cake...
This is my mom's first practice cake - her buttercream really looked more like fondant. That was one of the cool tricks we learned.
One of our classmates' cakes - look at that gorgeous flower transfer!


Flowers don't go over so well in my how about a little Batman?

I’m sorry to say that I did not manage to click shots of the finished versions of the flower and the cupcake – they were both quite lovely, though. I did get a shot of the Batsignal cake…which was a huge hit when I got home. Is there anything cooler than Batman to a 5-year-old? (And to certain late-30s-year-olds?)

Look! It's a kind-of-crooked Batsignal! Well, I did say practice cake, right?

As long as I don’t wind up on Cake Wrecks, I’ll be just fine.

After we learned cake basics we moved on to a whole host of other flower and border techniques…which we practiced on cupcakes. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I mean, even me, who doesn’t really like cake all that much, will indulge in the occasional cupcake – they are just so cute.

My refrigerator has been full of these colorful bags of icing for the past month.
My mom's practice flowers...aren't they cute?
Some of my practice flowers...I love the messy mum flowers.


Cupcakes of classmates...I really loved the colors of her icing - so dramatic. I wish the photos were better, because these were more beautiful than they look here.


More cupcakes in progress from a classmate - such vivid colors!


I think the cupcakes were my favorite part of the class...


...these little flowers were so easy and so pretty.

For the final class we each had to do a layer cake utilizing a variety of the techniques we learned. Lucky for me and my mother, one of our dear family friends was having a birthday that weekend…so our finale cakes got to go to a party!

One of our classmate's cakes...we learned roses at this last class. Isn't hers pretty?


Another cake in progress...he was making this for his grandmother. So sweet!


My mom's cake...which you will see again...because she redid it later.


My final cake with those wonderful messy mum flowers.


Lincoln's favorite part of cake decorating class, of course.
This is my mom's cake, again, redone. She wasn't pleased with it the first time. I am so impressed that she could take stuff off and put new stuff on again - very cool.
And here were our cakes at the birthday party... (sorry for the phone camera quality here.)

Had enough cakes yet? 🙂

I have. I promise that there will be real food coming soon.

Happy Summer Everyone!





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