More menu planning…might be habit-forming?


Happy Monday evening…OK, technically it is Tuesday morning.

I just had to post that I was actually able to plan out another week and get to the store before Sunday night. It’s so very nice to have the little chalkboard in the kitchen with all the meals for the week on it.  Let’s see how this week goes…

Monday – Italian sausage with linguine and left-over Sunday Gravy from the freezer (mercy…it even freezes beautifully…there’s just nothing that Sunday Gravy can’t do!) and a Caesar salad

Tuesday – Turkey Tacos and fruit salad

Wednesday – Pork roast with rice and gravy and butter beans

Thursday – Breakfast for dinner

Friday – Chicken nachos and/or chicken taco salad

And don’t forget to check out the Organizing Junkies latest post for literally hundreds of other weekly menu plans from the blogosphere’s Menu Planning Monday ritual.


7 thoughts on “More menu planning…might be habit-forming?

  1. How funny we’re having chicken burritos on Thurs and breakfast for dinner on Friday!! We’re off by one night, but otherwise that’s a little uncanny that of your million recipes and all our food restrictions we’re making the same dinners this week!! Enjoy… 🙂

    1. gatheraroundthetable

      Well the whole menu got bumped tonight due to anniversary dinner (thai take out!) so we might actually be on the SAME schedule…crazy! 🙂

      1. Happy Anniversary! Isn’t it amazing how life changes when you have kids… we had Vietnamese take out for our anniversary this year! 😉 Will think of you on Friday as we eat our breakfast for dinner… Hugs.

  2. Marquel

    Menu planning. I love it! I plan my menu for the week, because I get asked by 2 people in our household (32 year old and 3 year old) “What’s for dinner?” And they don’t like it when I give them a blank stare.
    So, I plan out my meals, looks at the HEB weekly for specials, get my coupons ready and go! I bring my little index card box with me of coupons (my mother did this when I was child) to the grocery store. I didn’t think that was OCD until the 16 year old checker said, “Is that box for your coupons?” I said with a proud smile, “Yes, it is.” And he said, “Man, I’ve seen a lot of things, but that’s pretty obsessive.”
    So…to each their own.
    I love reading your weekly meal plans, because it gives me ideas, especially for sides (I am really bad about sides). Seth isn’t very happy because more ideas means trying new things and trying new things means not sticking to “Seth’s Favorite 25 dishes.” And, I say what’s marriage without a little compromise. 🙂

    1. gatheraroundthetable

      Oh how I wish I was organized with the coupon thing…I just can’t bring myself to do it! I should – I totally should. I’m so impressed – and I LOVE those little index card boxes. What does a kid at the grocery store know about *anything?* And tell Seth to relax and broaden his horizons. What if his 25 favorite dishes eventually become 50?? Wouldn’t that be awesome? 😉

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