Warning: The contents of this post may be habit forming

Have you had these??

I bought some of these several weeks ago…and they’ve been haunting me since. They aren’t available at my regular grocery store (Thank Heavens) so I only get them when I go to the fancy-schmancy grocery store, like I did today.

I don’t even really like marshmallows that much. I mean, sure, I eat the occasional s’more, but that’s about it. And I made my own marshmallows once for fun. But I’ve never tasted anything like these. Never.

They are SO flavorful and like a cloud. Last time I got the Triple Citrus flavor – and assortment of orange, lemon and lime – and I bet I checked the ingredient list like 100 times trying to figure out how they were so full of such natural deliciousness. That’s the best part – there’s nothing in these you can’t pronounce. Really.

I got these coconut ones for my husband. I’m not a coconut fan. However, these marshmallows are so good I was tempted to try one just to see if I would still like it in spite of the coconut! But I didn’t.

The label says they are in Katy, TX. So check your stores if you are near there. And if you live here, I get them at the Central Market on Broadway.

Have mercy.

And this is not an advertisement. Queen Bee has no idea who I am. I’m just a loyal addict fan.


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