Just logging in to let you know that I have some technology challenges these days.

A week or so ago, my laptop officially gave up. (I was able to revive it momentarily by hooking it up to the TV as a monitor.)

And then our house was burglarized.  As in someone-busted-in-our-front-door-and-stole-all-our-stuff kind of burglary.

So now, I’m without the computer and the TV that made it functional. They also took my brand new camera. All of which is replaceable, of course. And we’re grateful to have not been home when it happened…for that I feel fortunate.  I imagine I’ll have a replacement computer and camera at some point in the future – and then I’ll be back!

In the meantime, I’ll still be cooking and thinking about the pictures I wish I was taking.

I’ll be filling out insurance forms and trying to understand why we pay them money every month.

And I’ll also be mourning the loss of the stuff that is NOT replaceable…like my grandmother’s jewelry and the suite of pearls my husband created over the course of three pregnancies/deliveries. Among other things, of course.

And hoping that karma is real.

Hoping not to be gone for long….

PS – if you are local and feel like checking out the pawn shops, let me know…I’ll fill you in on what to keep an eye open for! 🙂


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