Have you made candles?

This was another holiday project…candles.  Which I had never done before and thought would be much harder than it was.

This idea is from Pinterest…and the link is here. The original tutorial makes the candles in adorable little tea cups. I couldn’t find any tea cups that I loved, but I did find a great assortment of cups and dessert dishes at a local flea market. I think they were 75¢ each.

Wicks into glasses.

Wax melted on stovetop.

Fragrance (cinnamon) and dye go into the melted wax.

Then you pour the wax into your containers…and let them cool. Really. That’s it.

I made these as gifts for our annual family “Holiday Hen Party” at my aunt’s house. We usually bring something to share…lots of baked things…but, this year I didn’t feel like cooking. It was fun to do something new and they smelled great – a big hit! Any candlemakers out there? Tips or ideas?

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays…




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