A Vegetarian Experiment

This post could be really long. But, well, let’s face it, I’m tired.  I’ve seen eleven clients this week and still have six to go. One of the boys had a 103° fever today and there have been three babysitters at my house in the past two days. I often have to take a full minute just to remember what day it is. So, I’ll keep this simple.

Several years ago I read this book.

Then I watched this movie.

We ordered weekly baskets of food from these guys.

I also read this book.

We have spent fair amounts of time and money here

and here.

Recently I started reading this book.

(which I have not finished yet)

And I watched this movie.

And that leads us to this week in which we have been experimenting with vegetarianism…toying with veganism even.  And that’s it. It’s an experiment. We are quite accustomed to food restrictions thanks to our youngest son (no dairy, soy or gluten for him for almost a year now) so it really just feels like another layer of thoughtfulness when planning meals.

We are lucky enough to have a great CSA through my husband’s work…so for the past few weeks we’ve gotten something like this

every Wednesday. That’s a lot of green! (Scott Arbor, Seguin, TX.)

So here’s some of the products of experimentation:

That’s green garlic, green onions, swiss chard and pac choi which I mixed with one of these

for a super quick lunch (and left overs for another meal.)

Of course you can’t go too long without pizza…

Sautéed spinach, peppers, garlic and onions with mushrooms on a tomato and pesto base…just a sprinkle of feta and parmesan…no one missed the pepperoni or mozzarella.

Lots of the spinach has been going into smoothie packs: prepackaged ingredients to make one breakfast smoothie straight out of the freezer.

This batch had a banana, blueberries, almond butter, spinach and agave in the freezer bags. When my husband makes them he adds almond milk and some whey protein powder in the Magic Bullet 🙂 for a fairly quick and nutrient-packed breakfast.  (I’m not a breakfast smoothie girl myself – in fact I’m not much of a breakfast person at all – so I’ve been forcing myself to eat granola with almond milk, you know, sometime before noon.)

Then there were kale chips:

chopped and sprinkled with garlic salt and roasted until crunchy

and absolutely no one in the house is going to eat these but me. (Though Whit did try them!) They melt in your mouth and are crispy and salty just like a chip…I was happy to munch on them while making dinner with less guilt than chips and salsa.

Part of dinner was this broccoli:

Roasted with salt and pepper and then tossed with parmesan, lemon juice and basil fresh out of the oven. My oven runs a little hot and I could have taken this out sooner – however, even a little crispy the flavor was still delish!

You must be sure to **thoroughly** wash everything that comes in that CSA share bag! This little guy (and his two buddies) found new homes in our landscaping.

The lettuce leaves without caterpillars were used for veggie stir fry wraps…there’s carrots and pac choi and broccoli stalks and bell peppers and green garlic in that rice.

And so…there you are. The Vegetarian Experiment is underway.

Stay tuned….


2 thoughts on “A Vegetarian Experiment

  1. Ahh, veggie stir fry wraps! That is a good idea for the MOUNTAINS of lettuce that I have right now. Great job showing us what you’ve been eating.

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