Summertime…and the very best husband.

Well, summer is officially here again.  (And I say “officially” because summer weather is pretty much always here…so without the calendar, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.)

That means I’m already fantasizing about making it through the next 3-4 months without turning on my oven. It’s possible, right?

Especially if you are married to my husband. Who is totally OK with me putting this on the table and saying, “Dinner’s ready!”

The CSA shares these days have tomatoes in them. Beautiful, flavorful tomatoes. And so much basil that it smells up the whole house…which no one minds one little bit. I honestly think I could eat this every day and be perfectly happy.

There’s plenty of ways to have your Caprese Salad…or Insalata Caprese, if you want to get technical. And, according to a tiny bit of investigating, the original salad (popular since the ’50s) is dressed only with salt and olive oil. I personally can’t do without the balsamic vinegar. But I do love the “requirement” for buffalo mozzarella. Heaven.

So here’s to oven-free meals…and fantastic husbands.

Happy Summer everyone!

(Another great Caprese Salad favorite, not as kabobs and with the balsamic reduced…here.)


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