Bird seed ornaments

The summer is in more than full swing around here…in fact, I’m nearly motion sick from how quickly it is flying past. The boys and I did this little project this week and there were some questions and inquiries on Facebook, so I thought I would do a post.


I used this recipe as a guideline, but definitely had to make more of it…we did it times five. That was enough for about 8-10 large cookie cutters.


With some wax or parchment paper spread out, you set the cookie cutters on it and then fill them halfway with the bird seed mixture. Lay the ends of the pieces of string (we used kitchen twine) into the seed and then fill the rest of the way. Pack the seeds down as tightly as you can…and that’s it. Let them dry – ours took about 24 hours and I flipped them over once – and then they will pop right out of the cutters, ready to hang!

I’ll update this weekend with photos of bird enjoying their new feeders…


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